19 August

 Walsworth Road Baptist Church ask for prayers for their holiday club as children get the chance to explore the story of Daniel.

 We also pray today for Hannah Dengate who will be joining PHASE as the new Wellbeing Lead at Phase in September. May she quickly feel part of the team and feel welcomed by the people of Hitchin.

 The Church of God of Prophecy ask that we hold in our prayers their local Regional Convocation taking place over next weekend.

 Built on Faith Church commend to our prayers all the families who are struggling over the holiday season for whatever reasons.

26 August

 Holy Saviour Church ask our prayers in support of Mike Kershaw as he starts his training for lay Reader ministry.

 Wymondley Baptist Chapel ask that we pray for them as they continue to explore leadership options. We pray that the Lord will give them both wisdom and discernment as different options arise.

2 September

 St Mark's Church ask that we pray for Rev Jeni McQuaid, formerly Curate at St Mark's, as she is inducted Vicar of St Paul's Letchworth and All Saints Willian this coming Thursday.

 Built on Faith Church ask that we pray for all those who volunteer in so many different ways across our town of Hitchin.

 We support The Hub Church in our prayers today as their leader Rev Dan Drew is now away for a placement and break.  May the Hub Church find a new confidence in their in-built strengths and faith and may Dan return refreshed and reinvigorated.  

 Christchurch likewise ask for prayer support as they enter a year of ministerial vacancy.  May their church also show resilience and may the selection process move forward trusting that God’s wisdom will be imparted to the church leaders involved in that process.

9 September

 We pray today with Walsworth Road Baptist Church for the children and families attending Jam Club Promotions and Celebrations today.  This also prompts prayers of thanks for Helen their Youth worker, and all that she has achieved at church in the last two years.

 We pray all the team at PHASE as they spend two days on retreat together this week.  May this be a time of reflection and discernment for them all.

 Similarly working with the young people of our town, St Faith's Church ask for thankful prayer for the relationships they are building with their local schools.  We join with St Faith’s in praying that these links may continue to flourish and grow.

 Tilehouse Street Baptist Church ask that we hold in our prayers their Quiet Day being held next Saturday. Please pray too for Revd Jane Robson (and another) who will be attending a Mission Conference in Stafford that same day.  May this be a time of both encouragement and inspiration.

16 September

 We offer prayers today for The Churches Together in Hitchin Council as they meet this coming Wednesday remembering in particular John Maguire, the CTiH Chair, as he encourages churches to tackle loneliness in our town.

 Please remember in your prayers the Community Fair being organised by Phil Jackson next Saturday.  It will feature the range of organisations in Hitchin that offer care and support to a large number of people.

23 September

 We pray with The Hub Church as they look forward to their “Snapchat Sunday”.  Three people who don’t usually give talks give a five minute talk each – we pray for those who step forward and may their message and witness reach others during this innovative service.

 Holy Saviour Church ask for prayers in support of the continued growth of their Children's Praise service.

30 September

 Built on Faith Church would ask for our prayers in support of their Healing Conference taking place during October.

7 October

 The Hub Church commend to our prayers all those involved in their new Alpha Course starting this coming Tuesday.

 We pray for St Mary’s Church as they approach their interregnum as Michael Roden moves on to a new post in Bristol.  We pray for all the church officials, for Dan Drew with added responsibilities and for all those who will take on various new or expanded roles during the interregnum.

14 October

 We offer prayers today with The Hub as they host their Newcomers Afternoon Tea event, praying that plenty of newcomers arrive! 

21 October

 This week Tilehouse Street Baptist Church hold a meeting for those assigned to pastoral care when they reflect on and are refreshed in good practice when caring for others.  We pray this will be a helpful and useful time.

 Wymondley Baptist Chapel ask that we pray for them as they look at ways to make further connections with people in their village.  We pray with them that they may honour their Lord by being good examples of faith and caring to the community around us.

28 October

 We pray today for The Hub Church as they hold a baptism service today. We ask that You, Lord, hold in Your loving hands all those who have decided to take this important step in their Christian pilgrimage..

 We remember in our prayers today’s service in celebration of PHASE.  May their important work with the young of our town go from strength to strength.

 We also pray today for the “Party of LIght” being held on Wednesday at Walsworth Road Baptist Church as an alternative to Halloween.